Designing and building multi page catalogues is our forte. Stimulus have been working on such projects for many years and we have the required technology and an efficient system in place to produce high quality documents that meet your marketing requirements.


Our completed projects vary widely and they range from 4pp self cover to right up to 888pp text plus 4pp cover! This is a huge document that took us a matter of weeks to produce but had a very short specific deadline of 6 weeks, which we completed successfully.

To top it all, Stimulus is able to produce different versions of catalogues for a client with different covers and product pages cost effectively. We can provide you the right advice on how to produce your catalogue in the most effective manner making use of our home grown technology if required.


We provide a range of services including:



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Catalogues more powerful than online for retail marketing.

Do you simply love thumbing your way through a retail catalogue?  We spend 28 minutes a week reading them. Stuart Bocking reveals the recent marketing success of JC Penny returning to catalogues, far more successful than using online.

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