• Web Services
    We have extensive experience in developing
    web sites, app and custom made software
  • Catalogue Production
    We design and print marketing literature like
    brochures, flyers and catalogues.
  • Pimcore CMS, PIM, DAM
    Push content to any channel, any device, at any time.
    Increase engagement with customers.

We are your integrated solution for web development, catalogue production and print!

Stimulus is not your typical graphic design company. Most companies solely design and build your catalogues, website and marketing collaterals but unlike the others, we differentiate ourselves through doing this, and more. By adapting a team oriented outlook and collaborating with clients, we treat them like they are a part of the company, resulting in a product that satisfies all the criteria necessary.

We are great in guiding and helping your company out in the process of building and developing your marketing collaterals for both online and printed media. As a Sydney based Pimcore Web System Developer, we will help you present and project your company’s products and services in the best light. We can provide you with service and real time service if and when required, and as we are local it means greater ease of accessibility to overcome challenges and fulfil your product requirements.

Using Pimcore, we will develop your website system, ultimately resulting in an enterprise solution which is one of the top Content Management Systems (CMS) in the market. This, in conjunction with the powerful Product Information Management (PIM), and Data Asset Management (DAM) provided by Pimcore will ensure that you can perform your marketing, administration and accounting functions seamlessly and efficiently.

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