Pimcore is award-winning content (CMS), product management (PIM), data asset managment (DAM) framework and multi-channel e-commerce platform.

Pimcore is a flexible Data and Experience Management system that is customised to your customers specific needs. Ideal for small-to-medium enterprises, Pimcore will give you the opportunity costs of being more productive, and save you human resources and time.

Pimcore is an open source solution that consolidates a Data Manager and Experience Manager into one platform.

Increase engagement with customers and users by delivering rich & compelling digital experiences. Push content to any channel, any device, at any time. And it is the most powerful multi-channel experience and engagement management (CEM/CXM) platform in the world.


Push content to any channel, any device, at any time.


Pimcore offer rich functionality:

  • Web Content Management - Drag & drop, friendly content editing and administration interface
  • Digital Asset Management - web based asset management and simple media editing
  • Product Information Management (PIM) excellent extensibility, cross media publishing, efficient and flexible way to create print-ready documents like catalogues and price lists, e-commerce capability.

Pimcore allows absolute freedom for customer and designers to design great web site which can be later easily managed. Different modules enable Pimcore the flexibility to expand as your business deem fit to do so!

Pimcore Features:

  • Web content management module
  • E-comerce module
  • Document/Images/Assets management module
  • Product management module
  • Multi-channel & Web-to-print
  • Customer Experience & Engagement
  • Orders/wishlist management module
  • Contact module - unlimited contact management,
  • Collection module - allows simple Web to Print approach
  • Marketing & Campaign Management
  • Targeting & Personalization
  • Newsletter module 

Follow this link to find out full list of features and benefits of the Pimcore system.


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