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One platform for any digital data and customer experience

Pimcore is an Open Source digital platform that aggregates, enriches, and manages enterprise data and provides up-to-date, consistent, and personalised experiences to customers. It provides a centralised solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce. 


Pimcore's consolidated platform empowers enterprises with a single 'trusted view' of information (product, asset, and customer) to eliminate data silos, optimise operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and minimise IT costs.

Pimcore is a single digital platform for product information, digital assets, digital commerce and web content. As the Silver Partner in Australia, STIMULUS promotes and integrates Pimcore since 2015.

Products of the Pimcore Platform™

PIM/MDM (Product Data/Master Data Management)

Crucial to all organisations and its crucial the details like descriptions and details are easily and accurately presented to the customers.  The product data and other information will also have to be presented in the right context and the right and on time. Your customers will be seeking for information and they will demand and expect information that is not only accurate but if you can provide  the information to them quickly and accurately, the chances are that they will view your organisation more favourably.

Product Information Management (PIM) is a process of pulling together all data and information across several systems onto one platform to make it easier to manage and  present your data and information to the market or to your target audience in the most accurate and information from a central repository.

Master Data Management (MDM) will help you collect and collate data and information across all mediums like the ERP, CRM, CMS and other system to distribute information that make sense in context to the person that requires the data and information.

Master Data Management (MDM) is the system that collect and collate all the information together and present it in a manner that makes sense to your target in a more superfluous manner. 

Why PIM?

The aim of any data management strategy is to supply various channels, target groups and applications with product data from a central source.

Product data scattered in different corporate silos leads to deficits in the quantity and quality of product data. 
Central and consolidated product data management ensures data supply and accelerates processes inside or outside of company.
Increased efficiency of internal teams and processes is very often underestimated during PIM considerations but later contributes as one of the biggest benefits of PIM implementation. 
The data supply of various channels (online/offline) and target groups enables an efficient and flexible presence in an Omni-Channel market.
Consolidated and aggregated product information leads to better workflows and higher data quality.

CMS/Template Engine

Pimcore is one of the most progressive e commerce Content Management System (CMS).  There are many popular ones around like Magento, Wordpress and Shopify.  Pimcore allows easy integration with the many different ERP and CRM though API.  Coupled with the Template Engine, you will have flexibility in the management and administration of Pimcore with ease. 

Template Engine plugin for Pimcore is a tool which allows your marketing department rapidly create new pages or customise existing pages content and layout without specific knowledge of HTML or CSS. 

It means you will be able to deliver new content to market much faster. Time to market is in today's modern environment very important benchmark and makes significant difference in your competitive space. Template Engine will help you to “own the digital world”. 

Possibilities and customisations are almost endless. Compare this to editing a static theme content in other CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. You will be in much better control of optimising web pages layout for mobile, tablet and desktop consumption without needing a web developer.

DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Easy searching, editing and publishing any type of digital asset with help from DAM – Digital Asset Management

Use Digital Asset Management software to have these opportunities:

  • One central platform for managing all your assets
  • Save every photo, video, brochure in one place and find it with a few clicks
  • Follow your brand management easily with digital asset management software
  • Granular access management ensures only specified channels or people can have access to resources necessary for their functions or jobs
  • Tag management allows creating different dimensions to see all your assets, products the way you need for easy access.
Asset management DAM software puts your customers at the heart of your business and with high quality and asset transformation, it can deliver a stable experience across all touchpoints.

To work on your brand consistency, Pimcore DAM centralizes all your media assets – from images, documents, logos, audio files or any other media content you need. 


Customer Data Platform (CDP)

CDP is a packaged software that collects and cleans customer data from various sources and combines to create a single customer profile. This is a powerful tool that helps to present the structured data for marketing, administration and management. 

By aggregating customer activities from different source systems it provides a consistent and unified view of all related data. Impressive features for profile unification, audience segmentation, SSO, and triggering marketing automation to personalise content are included.

E Commerce

Website Shop is an e-commerce plugin for Pimcore. 

Pimcore digital commerce platform solves the challenges of complex digital transformation by creating a highly personalised customer experience with exceptional scalability.  

Common Features: 

  • Complex Product structures
  • Complex Pricing & Discount Structures
  • Complex Stock Availability Calculations
  • Unlimited Pricing Rules & Groups support
  • Multiple payment gateways support (PayPal, Cards, BPAY ...)
  • Multiple stock inventories & management
  • Unlimited Inventory Items & Groups
  • Compound (Kit) Products
  • Order status update notifications

B2B Features: 

  • Account hierarchy (approvals, master account, Bill To account...)
  • Multiple stock locations (plants, warehouses,multiple shops ...)
  • Split delivery
  • Back orders
  • Multiple ERP connectors
  • Unlimited Suppliers
  • Multiple Invoice templates (Account or Account Group specific)

B2C Features: 
  • Unlimited Contracts and Contract Prices
  • Comprehensive Discount calculations
  • Unlimited Coupons (Vouchers)
  • Unlimited Pricing Groups
  • Comprehensive Carriage calculation
  • Order Tracking support
  • Custom checkout experience

What is Pimcore in a nutshell

In the current economic enviroment and in the future, companies will have to rely on plenty of accurate data and information in moving forward for them to make good management, marketing , administration decisions for their organisations.

As your business seeks accuracy and time in terms of information flow which is critical for good decision making on time and in the right context, the Pimcore  system will be critical for saving time and helping you to collate organise and put your data and information through the Master Data Management and  Digital Asset Management software.
By integrating your data and information from across different platforms and multi channels into a repository the Pimcore system will allow you to edit, add or delete and manage your data and information from your dashboard easily to ensure your output is accurate and from a single source of information which is important in today’s omnichannel world.
Your customers will browse and seek for information and shop across different channels and marketplaces. Hence you will require to provide the information and data in the right context and in the right manner you’re your internal users and management teams and to your clients and customers. 
  • Pimcore is open source Digital Experience Platform (DXP). It that's aggregates and manage any enterprise data and provides up-to-date, consistent, and personalised experiences to customers by distributing them to different channels such as web, mobile, mail, apps, w2p, POS, marketplaces, social platforms and digital signage. 
  • Pimcore is integrated unique platform; it provides a centralised solution for 4 main segments which are seamlessly integrated together. These segments are CMS/DXP (Content Management System/Digital Experience Platform), PIM/MDM (Product Information Management/Master Data Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), robust B2B/C E-COMMERCE portal. 
  • Pimcore's "connect anything" architecture. Typically connects to ERP/CRM/Accounting software, BI or external 3rd party applications. 
  • With Pimcore, you can easily maintain product information, multi-channel publishing and your e-commerce solution. That's why Pimcore is used by so many marketers who use Pimcore not only for editing and managing web content but also for publishing data information and creating catalogues or price sheets with the feature called Web-to-Print. 
  • It centralises and harmonises all your marketing, sales, and technical product information. 
  • Pandemic proof - solution which enables and support work and information access from anywhere.  

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